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Quiet Winter day in the Valley- by Wolf Kohz


About Hi Sierra Hi-Fi

Hi Sierra Hi-Fi was founded on the love of music.

It’s all in the “ear” and with over 100 years of listening experience as our guide, we are dedicated to “the perfect recreation of a musical event” which is the credo of Perreaux New Zealand and "the highest quality of music and design" which is the credo for Rowen - Swiss Made. We carefully test each piece of equipment against these guidelines and will only present “Legends” of the audio world, such as Rowen - Swiss Made and Perreaux New Zealand, to our client base. We are the North American Distributor for these outstanding companies.

Located in beautiful Northern Nevada, near Lake Tahoe, our daily inspiration comes from the presence of the majestic Sierra Nevada mountain-range, viewed from our homes and office.

We welcome all to visit us to behold the clear crisp vistas and the perfect recreations of music which govern our daily lives.

Music, a gift from Carlos Rios. Thanks Carlos!