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To reproduce Musical signals life like requires an extremely exact control of the speaker diaphragm. This is the only way to transform the constantly changing music signals with their entire dynamic to acoustic noise without delay.
As our audio perception concentrates on the transient phase of new audio occurrences the quality of high-class reproduction systems is found in the area of dynamic.

Loudspeakers act as reactive load and reach with any new transient on engagement or with a periodic signal for short moment’s impedances down to less then 1 Ohm. In these moments the real power of an amplifier is needed. High power voltage performance at 4 and 8 Ohms are therefore not relevant. With traditional amplifier designs the limiting circuit responds with impedances close to 2 Ohms anyway at this is where literal “power plants” of power amps fail.

Our power amplifiers are consequently designed for voltage stability without using limiter circuits or loudspeaker relays. The unique overcompensated attenuation (negative output impedance) leads to a solution which takes the dynamic losses of cable, passive crossovers and inertia of the transducers in consideration, which makes these problems disappear. Far higher control of the membrane and clearly more dynamic are results of this exclusive ROWEN solution. The music appears to be more vivid. The tension and the expression of any single note played leads directly to the impression that the musicians are directly in front of you.